Thesis Plagiarism Report Procedure

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M. Ü. Issues Regarding the Plagiarism Report

1. Thesis Plagiarism Report is taken through TURNITIN Plagiarism Detection Program, which is used by the Library Documentation Center of our University.

2. Plagiarism programs are only available to academic staff. For this reason, the student should prepare the report on the thesis together with the thesis advisor.

3. Thesis Plagiarism Report includes; Cover, Summary, Introduction, General Information, Findings, Discussion and Result sections as a single file.

4. The upper limit of the similarity rate was determined as 20% with the decision of the Institute of Health Sciences Board.

5. Filtering options can be as follows:

Except attachments, contents and abbreviations

Excluding material and methods

Excluding references

6. After the reporting process is completed, the report is saved electronically with the student's name and surname. Thesis Plagiarism Report is created. The first page showing the total “% similarity rate” of the thesis and the date of the report is printed. This page is signed by the advisor and the student.

7.The students who will enter the Thesis Defense Jury, together with the other documents, hand the first page of the report to the institute by hand, together with the Pre-Defense Thesis Submission Report. The entire Thesis Plagiarism Report is attached to the cover letter containing the thesis defense jury members and sent to the Institute electronically (EBYS).

8. Copy of the first page of the plagiarism report should be submitted to the Thesis Defense Jury Members with the thesis before the defense.

9. If the thesis receives a post-defense extension and / or includes extensive changes, the plagiarism report must be reconstructed and forwarded to the Institute in the same way.

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